They’re Really Two-at-One

Published on October 5, 2021

This Monday, 4th October is the Feast of St. Francis
of Assisi
They’re Really Two-at-One
Jesus the Nazarene and Francis of Assisi!
Two attractive men, heart and soul.
But, risk any closeness, feel a tremor!
Jesus’ mind of at-oneness-with-all was undoubtedly Shared and practiced and encouraged by
Francis-The Brave.
So Francis too, reflects that strangeness…..
Retreat as we may, the truth is plainly there…..
Amen! The Mind of Christ is essential for all.
Amen! It is not the prerogative of Jesus-alone.
Amen! It made, it didn’t depend on, his Divinity.
Recall the old unexplored saying:
‘Francis was more-Jesus than Jesus-Himself!’
Perhaps it hints at this: Read the Gospels
With attention! Substitute Francis for Jesus.
Then we’ll have glimpsed something more of
both. And recognised they’re really Two-at-One
Jesus the Nazarene, and Francis of Assisi.
Shine on each other! Shine on me, and on all
From ‘Memories’ By Tom Hamil