Christmas Message
This year has almost come full circle and Christmas is
upon us. It is an appropriate time to acknowledge
goodness and blessings in our lives. We thank all who
have actively participated in parish life: in the various
masses and liturgies, with the celebration oft the sacraments, by music and singing, cleaning of our churches and the maintenance of church grounds, participating on school boars and parish committees.
We have been living with COVID-19 for the past 2
years and we acknowledge the continuing role of the
COVID group in both St. Brendan’s and the Church of
the Annunciation in Carrig and especially we thank all
how help with the sacristy and open and close our
We thank the St. Brendan’s Environmental Group under the guidance of Liam Moran for their work in the
parish at Christmas time with the decoration of St.
Brendan’s and the erection of the crib and inside
lights. We also thank Kathleen Gormley for her creative work with the crib in St. Brendan’s.
We thank Carmel Campbell, Enda O’Connor, Rena
Haverty, organists, Kathrena Ryan and Kieran Hoctor,
together with all who participate in both choirs as well
as soloists.
We thank the young people of St. Brendan’s community school and their chaplain, Kate Liffey for their involvement.
We also thank Brian Kennedy, chairman and the pastoral council.
We acknowledge Emer, our parish secretary, Joan,
our sacramental co-ordinator and the teachers and
staff of our schools. We thank parishioners for your
continued financial support, your words of encouragement and love of
Fr. Tom
&Fr. Antony

Published on December 30, 2021