Sunday 16th October the pastoral visit of Bishop Fintan Monahan happily coincides with our Mass to celebrate the enrichment music has brought to our liturgies over the decades.
We remember with fondness Ms Annie Noonan employed by Msgr. John Ryan P.P . V.G in 1946 as church organist, in succession to Ms Flynn, of Emmet Square. She resigned over 45 years ago and Msgr P.J. Hammell P.P.V.G.D.D engaged Mrs Bridget (Birdie) Hayes as organist, a position she held until her untimely death in May 1981. Following Birdie’s death Sr. M. Gerard Cooke stepped into the breach and was a dedicated organist for many years, as was the late Sr Margaret Pepper. Then 30 years ago while still a student in St. Brendan’s Community School our current organist Enda O’Connor started playing the great organ. We are so fortunate to have someone of Enda’s skill and dedication enhancing music in St. Brendan’s at the current time.  We also acknowledge the dedication of the late Mike Davis and the continuing contribution of Rena Haverty to provide music for our daily 10am masses. On this occasion we acknowledge the choir members too numerous to mention individually, who have enriched our liturgies over the decades. Recently we have honoured Lily Tait, Joan Kennedy, Mary O’ Meara and Gerry Dolan, all of whom have given over half a century’s service to our Church Choir. Birr has a great tradition of church music, we pray that current and future generation’s will be inspired to emulate the service of Lily, Mary, Joan and Gerry.

The Choir has donated a new seat in the Church grounds as a memorial to Annie and former choir members.

It has been said that Music, gives soul to the universe, Wings to the mind, Delight to the imagination A charm to sadness, Gaiety and life to everything. It is essence of order and leads to all that is good, just and beautiful “St Augustine – he who sings well prays twice…..!

St. Cecilia patron of Musicians pray for us.