Born in foughart near Co. Louth  c. 454.   St Brigid was the founder of the first monastery in County Kildare, Ireland.  Brigid is renowned for her hospitality, alms giving and care of the sick. Her father was a pagan chieftain of Leinster and her mother was a Christian. St Patrick inspired her to deepen her faith. St Brigid is also known as Mary of the Gael or Mhuire na nGael aka Mary  of the Irish. She is one of the Patron Saints of Ireland, along with St Patrick and St Columcille. St. Brigid’s Cross remains a popular sign of God’s protection.

We sing a song to Brigid,

Brigid brings the spring

Awakens all the fields and the flowers

And calls the birds to sing.

All were welcome at her door,

no one was turned away.

She loved the poor,

the sick and the sore,

She helped them on their way.

She laid her cloak out on the ground

And watched it grow and grow,

In wells and streams and fields of green

St. Brigid’s blessings flow.